Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tools Reviews

The technology or tool for resetting Windows 10 password has changed dramatically in past a few years. Hence, some of the tools are no longer working in 2020 due to Windows 10 security updates. After a complete researching on early of 2020, we found out the a couple of Windows 10 password reset tools that still work well on latest Windows 10 machines.

  • Ophcrack Live CD

    The best Windows password recovery for cracking lost or forgotten password on Windows XP/7/8/10.

    PassMoz LabWin

    GUI-based Windows 10 password reset tool with amazing customer support . Over 98% success rate and super easy to get started.

    Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

    Command-Line based Windows 10 password reset tool. Not only reset password but also prompt user account and add new user.

    Ultimate Boot CD

    A PE environment with 100+ tools for system repair and fix. Built-in with password resetting tools that support Windows 10/8/7/XP.

Windows 10 has a lot of security features, among which is the login password on the main welcome screen when you boot up. If you've already set it up, there's no way you can get in without inputting the password, right? Unfortunately, that's incorrect at some point. Today, we will share several Windows 10 password resetting tools to help you unlock the computer without knowing the current password.


However, it is your responsibility to use it ethically and to only access computers that you are an authorized administrator of. Most of us might forget Windows 10 password once in a while, and these tools will allow you to either reset Windows 10 password, blank it out, or recover it. Let's look at the top 6 contenders for the best Windows 10 password reset tool that still active in accolade in 2020.

Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tool #1: PassMoz LabWin

Even though this list is in no particular order of effectiveness, efficiency, ease-of-use or anything like that, we've unanimously agreed that PassMoz LabWin wins hands down when it comes to resetting Windows 10 password - of any type! Not only can you reset a local user account password, but also that of an admin account, server admininistrator or guest account.

What this application does is to let you create a password reset disk after you've forgotten the password. Microsoft's own Forgot Password Wizard lets you do this as well, but only when you're already logged in Windows 10, which means you currently know the login password.

Unfortunately, we're not all super-organized people, are we? That's where the award-winning PassMoz LabWin comes to the rescue and gets you back into your computer in just minutes. PassMoz Windows 10 Password Reset Tool is powered by an intuitive user interface so everyone can use it comfortably. Another major advantage is the success rate (over 98%), meaning you can use the tool to reset password all Windows powered machines, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Also, it supports UEFI and MBR motherboards.

Main Features of PassMoz LabWin

Award-winning Windows 10 Password Reset Tool

  • Instant password removal for local user and administrator account.
  • Slick and user-friendly interface with 98%+ success rate.
  • Compatible with 80+ brands and all the top storage media brands.
  • Fully tested to work on a wide range of PCs and laptops.
  • No technical expertise required.
  • Support Windows 10 as well as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.
712, 533 people have downloaded it

How to Use PassMoz LabWin to Reset Windows 10 Password

Step 1: Using a different PC where you have admin rights, download and install PassMoz LabWin. Insert a USB drive and launch the software. In the window, you'll see your media listed in the USB section. Click the 'Burn USB' button next to that option. This will create a Windows password reset disk.

Windows 10 Password Reset

Step 2: Boot your locked Windows 10 PC from this USB stick from boot menu or going to the BIOS Utility Setup page on start-up and changing the boot order to USB. When the boot resumes after you save and exit BIOS, you'll see the PassMoz LabWin interface again.

Boot from USB

Step 3: On the PassMoz interface, select a Windows version, which would be Windows 10. Then select user name of the locked account. Next, click the 'Reset Password' button and that user name will have its password instantly blanked. Finally, hit 'Reboot' after removing the media, and you should be able to log in to that account without password. You can always set one up later if you need to, which we highly recommend.

Reset Windows Password

PassMoz LabWin is our first recommendation and it works great as a Windows 10 password reset tool. We tested it on several Windows 10 versions and 100% bypassed our verification. All the passwords, including administrator account, were reset successfully in less than 10 minutes.

Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tool #2: Password Reset Disk by Microsoft

Microsoft has already integrated the password resetting feature since Windows 7. This is essentially something you do while you still know the login password of Windows 10. That means you're signed in with a password that you know, and you're simply preparing for the worst by creating a password reset disk because you might need it in the future when you forgot Windows 10 password. All you need is a USB stick to create a Windows 10 password reset disk.

Create Password Reset Disk Windows 10

The creation of Windows 10 password disk is simple. Go to User Accounts after searching for it in the main search bar (Windows + S). Click the link to Create a password reset disk on the left side of Windows. This will launch Forgotten Password Wizard. Now, insert an USB drive and click Next as you follow the instructions on the screen to create your own password reset disk. You can now use this Windows 10 password reset tool to unlock your PC any time you forgot the password. Remember, it was created locally so it can only work with local accounts. It's not ideal but it's a good idea to create one for each of your computers.

Pros: Cons:
  • ● Built-in tool on Windows 10.
  • ● Minimal chance of errors.
  • ● Reusable on the same PC.
  • ● Keep original data on target USB.
● Only local account password can be reset.
● Can not create the disk after forgetting password.
● Not able to be used on other PCs.

Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tool #3: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is one of best free Windows 10 password reset tools that allows you to remove or edit local account password in several versions of Windows including Windows 10. Also referred to as the chntpw or NT Password in short, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a downloadable ISO file from which you must create a bootable disk. Once you've created that disk, all you need to do is boot your locked PC from the media inserted, and then let the software do the rest of work for you.

First, you should burn the ISO to USB or CD with ISO burning tools. After that, a bootable disk is created. Then boot off the USB, it will take you to a command-line interface where you'll see this Windows 10 password reset tool loading up. Wait until it is fully loaded, then select Windows drive partition where your Windows 10 files reside. It's usually the largest volume. If you've only got one drive, just hit Enter. Subsequently, you'll need to hit Enter, then Enter again, then type in the user name to be unlocked and hit Enter again. Don't worry. There are short prompts displayed on the screen for each step being involved.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

The password has now been removed but you still need to save your changes and exit the program. For this, type ' !' followed by Enter, then q followed by Enter, then 'y' followed by Enter. At the end, hit Enter one last time to confirm that the program should NOT run again. Remove the USB drive and reboot your PC. The password for that account should be reset.

Pros: Cons:
  • ● Free of use.
  • ● Support all Windows versions.
  • ● Prompt normal user to administrator account.
  • ● Edit user password and Windows registry.
● Need a separate ISO burneing software.
● More Risky if you don't know what you're doing.
● The process is a little long.

Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tool #4: iMyfone WinSenior

iMyFone is a famous developer because of popular iOS data erasing and management tools. In 2019, they released a Windows 10 password reset tool called WinSenior. Unlike other password reset disk tool, and WinSenior lets you do four things: reset password, remove password, delete Windows account and create a new administrator account.

iMyFone WinSenior

The first step for using iMyFone Windows 10 password reset tool is to create a bootable reset disk on a different computer where you have admin access. That being done, boot your PC from the new media you created. When it boots up, choose the right password reset option and hit Next. It will then take you to a Windows Password Recovery options page where you can select the user account to be unlocked. Hit Next again and, in the next window, enter a new password and hit the Reset button on the bottom right corner of the dialog box.

Pros: Cons:
  • ● Quick way to reset password from Windows 10.
  • ● No technical knowledge needed.
  • ● Smooth interface with a high usability factor.
● A lifetime license is fairly expensive ($59.95).
● License can be only used on a single computer.
● On-screen instructions is a bit confusing.

Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tool #5: Ophcrack Live CD

Ophcrack is an old-school way for resetting Windows 10 password. It was originally written for older versions so there is a lower chance to guarantee that it will work on locked Windows 10 PC. However, the tool is relatively easy to use if you understand the process. The interface of the software is text-based, and, unlike other Windows 10 password reset tools, it is based on rain tables. The reset process is fairly quick for simple password, and there's little you need to do other than boot up from Ophcrack Live CD and wait for the PC to be unlocked.


You'll need to download Ophcrack ISO file for Ophcrack website and use an ISO burner to create the bootable media on another PC. Next, boot the locked Windows 10 computer from this media and wait for the table of user accounts to be displayed on the screen. This will be seen after the software loads up and finds the SAM files where your password hashes are saved. In the table, note that the NT Pwd column at the end will be blank against a username that has a password. When the software recovers it, the password will be displayed there. Note it down; you can remove the media, boot up your PC normally, and log in with that password.

Note: If you received "no table found" error after Ophcrack being loaded on screen, this means the Live CD has no raintable or the stock one is not able to find the password with this Windows 10 password reset tool. You have to purchase additional rainbow tables to crack the password. This mostly happens on Windows 10 computers.

Pros: Cons:
  • ● Open-source and completely free.
  • ● Recover forgotten password instead of reset.
  • ● Come with a free rainbow tables.
● No recent updates.
● Lower success rate for Windows 10.
● Wait more time for strong password.
● Require additional ISO burner before starting.

Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tool #6: Ultimate Boot CD

The above mentioned tools are only for password related tasks. Instead, Ultimate Boot CD or UBCD for short, is a toolbox that contains more than 100 utilities for various task such as password reset, data recovery, disk partition. It is a complete toolkit for system repair and maintaince. Usually, it is loaded with three Windows 10 password reset tools in default.

UBCD is distributed via ISO image so you need to download the ISO file and burn it to a USB drive in order to make it bootable. This disk, which contains another module called Parted Magic, will help you reset Windows 10 password. The process is not complex but it does require a few steps. We'll outline it in two paragraphs so it's easier to follow.

Ultimate Boot CD

The first step obviously involves creating the bootable disk. So, download the ISO file from the official source and, using something like Free ISO Burner, burn the ISO to the drive as bootable media. This has to be done on a second PC since yours is locked for now. Once you eject the disk, follow the steps in the next paragraph.


Insert the disk or drive into the locked computer and start it up. Hit F2 or another special key (depending on which one the manufacturer specified) in order to change the boot priority. When you see the UBCD interface, select Parted Magic. Next, go to StartSystem ToolsPCLoginNow, which is a module within Parted Magic. Then, follow this sequence: select OSselect user name → tick the Password Empty checkbox → click Next to save the change. You can remove the media and reboot normally into a password-free account.

Pros: Cons:
  • ● Save time by removing Windows password.
  • ● Lots of additional system tools included in UBCD.
● Not suitable for first-time users with no tech background.
● Get confusing if you don't follow the steps exactly as described.
● Mouse or keboard might not work properly.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tools in 2020?

There are more Windows 10 password reset tools than we shared in this post such as Command Prompts, Windows 10 install DVD. And the open-source tools might be more appealing to you. However, don't forget that there is no technical support for them other than seeking help in forums. Besides, since they don't get regular updates and security patches, they are prone to attracting malware that will then infect your computer as well as the other one on which you're creating the password reset disk. In addition, it might not work on Windows 10 for different reasons. Nevertheless, you're welcome to try all of them and see which method works best for you. Our recommendation is PassMoz LabWin.




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