5 Best Tools to Crack Windows 10 Password

Windows 10 security feature looks truly impressive when you are locked out of Windows 10 because losing or forgetting Windows 10 password. This is quite common when you have set an extremely strong password for login. Unlike Windows 7, there are more tools and tricks available when it comes to password reset or cracking for Windows 10.


First, you should learn the difference between password reset and password cracking. All Windows password are stored in SAM file with hash values, a random set of characters. For Windows password reset, it deletes the whole hash value from SAM file when third-party tools has access to it. So it is much faster. For Windows password cracking, you should first obtain the hash value; then use algorithms to brute-force the possible hashes untile the correct one is found. It takes much longer time and you will get the original password. In this article, we will share you 5 useful tools to crack Windows 10 password in 2020.

Method 1: Crack Windows 10 Password via Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a special type of program designed for cracking Windows password only. So it is the most popular Windows password recovery in the world. We will introduce Ophcrack in our first section.

Ophcrack is an easy and powerful utility tool that helps users crack Windows 10 password with rainbow tables, one of the most effective alrogithms for cracking hash values. Because the computer is locked, you will first need another computer to create a bootable drive from Ophcrack ISO. Along with another computer, you will also need a CD or flash drive for rebooting.

Step 1: On the spare computer, open a browser and download Ophcrack LiveCD with tables. The Live CD is suitable for running on a locked computers and it is built with an iso file. The portable version is included in a zip archive and you can run the program directly on a normal computer. However, you should be able to get into desktop first.

Ophcrack Live CD

Step 2: Insert the CD or USB into the computer and burn Ophcrack.iso with the default Windows burning utility.

Step 3: Now remove the bootable CD or USB and insert it to locked Windows 10 computer.

Step 4: Reboot Windows 10 from the CD or USB you have created. Wait for the Ophcrack software being loaded.

Step 5: Select Automatic from the main interface and Ophcrack starts to crack Windows 10 password. Leave the computer alone and grab a cup of coffee. Waiting...

Step 6: When the password is recovered successfully, write it down and then remove the bootable drive. Restart your computer and use the password to log in to the computer.

Ophcrack Software

If the password was not found, then additional rainbow tables is required to crack Windows 10 password. You can download free tables from here or purchase it online. In a nutshell, Ophcrack is a free password cracking tool that still functions well on most of Windows versions. However, it failed to recover the password on some Windows 10 machines. Don't worry, even it does not work, there are still a couple of amazing tools to help you unlock Windows 10.

Method 2: Crack Windows 10 Password via PassMoz LabWin

Compatible with all versions of Windows OS, PassMoz LabWin is an award-winning software developed to reset Windows 10 password without losing any data. It supports major PC and laptop brands and can instantly remove password from Windows 10 regardless of complexity, length, and other factors. Currently, it is the fastest way to unlock a Windows 10 computer!

The reason this software is so popular is that it does not require any technical background. First-time users say the software is highly intuitive and they "just know what to do." It is essentially a three-step approach of: creating a password recovery bootable disk, booting locked computer from the media, choosing an user account to unlock and instantly blanking out the password.

Step 1: Find a spare computer to create a bootable disk. Download PassMoz LabWin on the computer and open it after installation.


Step 2: Now insert a blank USB or CD to the computer. The app will recognize the disk automatically. If not, select the correct drive letter from the drop-down menu. Now click the Burn button at the right side to write files to USB.

Windows 10 Password Reset

Step 3: Once the burning process is completed, take out the CD/USB from the computer and insert it into the locked system. Boot Windows 10 from the drive you have inserted. Wait for the PassMoz LabWin interface to show up.

Boot from USB

Step 4: From the PassMoz interface, pick up a Windows version and choose an username account you have forgotten the password. Hit 'Reset Password' button to blank out the old password; After that, reboot the computer and log in to locked Windows 10 system without password.

Reset Windows Password

PassMoz LabWin doesn't take much processing time, which is why it becomes the best choice to crack Windows 10 password when you are looking for a fast solution. Superb user interface comes as an added value that makes this tool a popular option amongst the not-so-techy crowd.

Method 3: How to Crack Windows 10 Password via Hashcat

Hashcat is a free and self-acclaimed tool to crack all kinds of passwords, including Windows, Office, Zip, RAR, iTunes backup, etc... But cracking Windows 10 password is really a complicated process. The tool is built for advanced users, specifically for hackers. Using Hashcat can only be an option for those who have comfortable with command lines. If you'd love to give it a shot, then here are the detailed steps you can follow to crack Windows 10 password.

Step 1: Download Hashcat from its website, unzip it and copy the content to USB drive. Now boot Windows 10 into safe mode, where you can run Hashtcat in Command Prompt.

Step 2: Go to Hashcat file foder and open command prompt app from there. Now type the following commands in the same sequence.

./Hashcat-cli32.bin -V
reg save hklm\sam filename1.hiv
reg save hklm\security filename2.hiv

Step 3: The last two commands that need to be entered to shift your password hashes from SAM to a text file.

Step 4: You will need LSADump to dump the hashes. Find out the name of the hive files and then use the following command:
sam filename1.hiv filename2.hiv

Step 5: Type in another command to save the hashes in a new text file: log win10pass1.txt

Step 6: You will need password directories like RockYou downloaded in your computer and run the final command to explore passwords and retrieve the real one.
./hash/Hashcat-cli32.bin -m 1000 -a 0 -o win10pass1.txt --remove win1.hash rock.dic

Hashcat Cracking

Using Hashcat might bring you with two issues face to face. First, you need to have more than one account on your computer and have access to at least one of them and second, the method can get extremely confusing and complicated. The password cracking process is resource extensive. The computer could become hot or slow on old hardware architecture. So Hashcat is not ideal tool to crack Windows 10 password for most of average users.

Method 4: How to Crack Windows 10 Password via John The Ripper

John The Ripper is a fast and cross-platform password cracker being used initially to detect weak password on Unix and Linux machines. Now it becomes a full toolkit for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix operating system. The workaround is very similar to Hashcat but smuch impler and comparatively a lot faster. If you were interested, below is a step-by-step guide to crack Windows 10 password using John the Ripper software.

Step 1: Log in to another account on the same locked computer.

Step 2: Go to the following location C>Windows>system32>config to find the SAM file on Windows 10.

Step 3: Now download PwDump7 and unzip it to find the password hashes from the SAM file.

Step 4: Open Command Prompt and enter the location of the PwDump7 followed by PwDump7.exe > d:\hash.txt

Step 5: The password hashes would be saved in a text file (=d:\hash.txt).

Step 6: Now download John The Ripper and extract the zipped folder.

John the Ripper

Step 7: Enter the location of Joh the Ripper followed by the following command: john --format=LM d:\hash.txt

Step 8: Wait for a few seconds before it shows you the retrieved password.

Neither does the tool have a good interface nor is it easy to carry out. And the very requirement of having another account on the same computer may cancel the chances of using the method for many people.

Method 5: How to Crack Windows 10 Password via UBCD

Strictly speaking, UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) is not a pure password cracking program, which is much different from the tools in above sections. Instead, it is a complete toolset that has more than 100+ utilities contained in a singe package and of course there are tools for Windows 10 password cracking, called Parted Magic. UBCD is distributed via ISO format so you have to burn it to CD or USB before using it.

Step 1: Download UBCD ISO file and burn it to an USB flash drive.

Step 2: Now remove the USB and insert it to the locked computer. Boot the system from the USB drive and wait for the boot menu to open.

Ultimate Boot CD

Step 3: Use arrow buttons to select 'Parted Magic' and press Enter. In the next screen, select the Default settings and press enter.

Step 4 : Navigate to the bottom left corner icon and choose 'Change Windows Password' from 'System Tools' in the magic desktop.


Step 5: Select the correct Windows Partition to launch the chntpw utility. Type 1 in the window and press Enter.

Step 6 : Wait for all the users on the system to get listed, then type in the user account that is locked and press enter.

Step 7: Type 1 again and tap on the enter key. This will bypass the existing Windows 10 password. Save all the changes, eject the USB drive and reboot the computer.

Press Enter in password field at login screen and the computer will lead into desktop without inputing password. However, UBCD does not have a good user interface and it looks confusing to a lot of people scared of command prompts and coding.

Wrapping Up: Best Way to Crack Windows 10 Password

While John the Ripper or Hashcat may be a good choice for hackers, PassMoz LabWin is more appealing to normal users because of its simple user-friendly interface and fast speed. It is the best choice to reset Windows 10 password. And if you want to recover or crack the old password, Ophcrack with additional tables is more welcomed.

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