How to Recover Windows 10 Password? 4 Best Software Recommended

Ever imagined being locked out of your own computer? Forgetting Windows 10 password can be very stressful when you can not log in any more. It is much different from forgetting social media profile password, which you can set up a new account immediately. You would lost all important data on that computer if you could not find a way to unlock your Windows 10 computer. The consequence is much severe and this is why we list the best ways to help you reset or recover Windows 10 password. Hence, you can regain access to the computer after the process.

Method #1: How to Recover Windows 10 Password by Using Resetting Tool

The fastest way to unlock a locked Windows computer is by using third-party password resetting tools. This type of software will be able to locate the SAM file on Windows and blank the password field immediately. When the computer reboots, no password will be required and the computer goes to desktop directly.

PassMoz LabWin is a cool Windows password recovery tool that plays an important role for removing Windows 10 passwords in 3 simple steps. With a clean GUI, this powerful software resets forgotten or lost Windows 10 password in seconds without any loss of data. Another big advantage is that both UEFI and BIOS based computer are supported by it. Most of other competing software only works on traditional BIOS computers.

Step 1: Because you are locked out of your computer, you will need another computer for creating a bootable password reset disk. Now, download and install PassMoz Windows password recovery software.


Step 2: Run the desktop application and insert an USB into the computer. Choose the drive from the options and hit the suitable button to burn USB. Please be warned. PassMoz tool will format the USB drive so keep a backup of important files on USB. After you receive the burning successfully message, tap the 'OK' button, close the window and eject USB flash drive.

Windows 10 Password Reset

Step 3: Plug the USB into the locked Windows 10 computer and boot from the drive. You may need to change the boot setting from the BIOS menu for doing so.

Boot from USB

Step 4: When the Windows 10 computer boots from USB drive, you will get greeted by PassMoz LabWin user interface. Select the correct partition and pick up one user account from the list. Hit the 'Reset Password' button and wait for a few seconds before restarting computer. Now, the whole task is completed.

Reset Windows Password

This enables you to log in to Windows 10 computer without password. Though this method doesn't recover Windows 10 password, it did help you unlock the device with minimal effort. You can set up a new password for login now. However, if you were still looking for a way to recover Windows 10 password, then the following recommended tool will help you.

Method #2: How to Recover Windows 10 Password with Hash Suite

Hash Suite is the GUI-wrapper of John the Ripper, one of the best text-based password cracking tool. It is a Windows program whose purpose is to analyze passwords and test their security. Recovering long or complex non-LM passwords is an additional feature that comes with the paid versions, but it's free for LM passwords. Though it has a simple interface, Hash Suite is an advanced tool being used to crack Windows 10 password. Try and test the method yourself to recover Windows 10 password by following the steps.

Step 1: Log in with another admin account on the device you are locked out of. Then extract the password hashes from the Security Account Manager file hive named as SAM.

Step 2: Download Hash Suite. After installing the program, launch the tool to run it and then import the hashes from the local accounts. Let the hashes load on the Hash Suite platform before the next step.

Step 3: After loading, Hash Suite will offer you methods to crack the password with brute force and dictionary. Select the most suitable method after studying the parameters for each. Then keep following the prompts to recover Windows 10 password and use the recovered password to log into Windows 10 PC.

Hash Suite

Although it is a very effective tool from a trusted source, Hash Suite is not meant for all. Using the tool requires technical knowledge of the advanced level. Even you know all the details of Hash Suite, you still have to wait for a long time before the password is recovered.

Method #3: How to Recover Windows 10 Password With Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a free and open-source tool being used for recovering forgotten passwords from various sources. It not only supports Windows but also for other types of passwords. Unlike Hash Suite, Ophcrack can be running directly on a locked computer after burning its ISO file to USB. You don't need to get into the computer in order to recover Windows 10 password, a big step forward than Hash Suite. You can try this method to recover Windows 10 Password on a locked computer.

Step 1: As you are locked out of your own computer, you will need a spare one to download ISO image of Ophcrack LiveCD. Then using another utility tool like UUByte ISO Editor to burn the ISO file to a blank CD/DVD or USB.

Step 2: Insert the bootable drive into Windows 10 system and force the Windows 10 system to boot from the driver by changing boot settings from boot menu. Once booted from the drive, wait for the Ophcrack's menu to load.

Step 3: Select the default settings and allow the app to automatically start its password recovery process. Wait till Ophcrack shows you the recovered password at NT Password column. Don't be too optimistic as it could days to fully crack the password if the password was strong enough.


Step 4: Close the window and remove the drive to allow locked Windows 10 computer booting from hard drive as usual. Now type the recovered the password to get into Windows 10.

When it comes to recovering Windows 10 password, Ophcrack LiveCD is proven to be a valid solution since 2006. However, it also has several issues occasionally such as table not found; and it takes more time to recover Windows 10 password when comparing to PassMoz Windows password resetting tool.

Method #4: How To Recover Windows 10 Password With Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a free and lightweight utility specifically built for decrypting passwords from various platforms. It is fully packed with a set of advanced engines to recover password from Windows hash, network services and other offline usage. In additional, it is presented with GUI so the users don't need to type commands to get it workong. This is quite user friendly. Test the method yourself to recover Windows 10 password by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Log in to an unlocked admin account on the same computer on locked Windows 10. Now download Cain & Abel for Windows 10. Install to run the app and confirm if prompted to install WinPcap.

Step 2: Launch the app and run the syskey decoder from the tools option on the interface. Select the system files located in the System 32 folder of Windows in the C drive by tapping the' ?? ' button. The program will find and display the boot key almost immediately.

Step 3: Go to the cracker tab on the window and select 'LM & NTLM Hashes' from the left pane before hitting the blue '+' on the toolbar. Select the SAM file hive of the locked account and check the box to allow importing SAM files. You will now need to enter the decoded boot key.

Step 4: Hit Next and right-click on the locked account to select 'Brute Force Attack and NTLM Hashes'. Sect a suitable dictionary and check the predefined charset. Tap the Start button and wait for the password to get recovered.

Cain & Able

Though Cain and Abel comes with a simple UI, this is a complicated method that can only be used if you have another admin account on the locked computer and this is totally different from the solutions shared above. So it is suitable for thoese who have multiple users on a single Windows 10 device.

Summary: The Best Way to Recover Windows 10 Password

Despite all the methods to be pretty useful, it is PassMoz LabWin that by far the simplest and fastest method for recovering Windows 10 password when the password was forgotten. Unlike other tools, it doesn't need additional utility tools for burning and neither requires advanced technology knowledge to crack passwords so it is our favorite tool to unlock a locked Windows 10 computer.

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