How to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password If Forgot Login Password

Setting up a password for Windows 10 Administrator account is one of the most crucial tasks that you has to do. And Microsoft recommends using a strong password mixed with digit and characters for additional security. However, if you never wrote down the password somewhere esle, then it is highly possible you will forgot Windows 10 administrator password due to less login attempt. Consequently, you are locked of Windows 10 and the only way to unlock Windows 10 computer is by resetting Windows 10 administrator password.

When being stuck out of your Windows 10 PC, you realize that there is no easy way to reset Windows 10 administrator password. Why? Administrator account has more privileges than normal user so it becomes much harder to remove Windows 10 password on a locked device. To help you deal with those annoyingly difficult times, here we have listed the 5 best methods to reset windows 10 administrator password.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #1: Pre-Built Reset Disk

A Password Reset Disk is something that everyone should make while setting a strong password for Windows 10 login. This will keep things under control. And the data is safely kept on the computer. This option comes with Windows 10 OS in default and you can make a password reset disk in Control Panel. Once the dis is made, be it a USB or CD/DVD, it can be used to reset Windows 10 administrator password forever.

Step 1: Power up Windows 10 PC and insert a blank USB. Remember, that you can not use the drive for anything else and it needs to be blank. If not, you should format the drive and make it untouched before proceeding to the next step.

Create Password Reset Disk Windows 10

Step 2: Now search 'Controal Panel' on the start menu and open 'User Accounts'. Click the 'User Account' bolded text on the Window and navigate to the 'Create a Password Reset Disk' option. Tap on 'Next' in following screen, select the USB drive you want to create password reset disk on from the drop-down menu and hit 'Next' again.

Step 3: Now type in the current password for administrator account and click 'Next'. This shall initiate the password reset disk creation process. After completion, click on 'Finish' and remove the drive. If you were carefully enough, a new file was created named 'userkey.pwd'.

Step 4 : In case you have forgotten local administrator password on Windows 10 computer, click on the 'Reset Password' option at login Password Reset Wizard window opens up automatically. Insert the password reset disk and click Next. Now, pick up the drive from the drop-down menu, then hit Next again to set a new password for administrator account. After that, the old administrator password was removed from Windows 10 and you can use the new password for login.

Password Reset Wizard Windows 10

Password Reset Disk created with Windows 10 OS is the most effective way to reset Windows 10 administrator password. It is quick and no data loss during the entire task. Unfortunately, most of Windows 10 users are not aware of this feature. Hence, forgetting to create such a disk. The good news is that there are still other ways around when you did not make a password reset disk in advance.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #2: PassMoz LabWin

Strictly speaking, PassMoz LabWin is a tool that has similar functions introduced in first pat. The main difference is that you don't need to create a password reset disk in advanced with PassMoz LabWin. Even you forgot local administrator of Windows 10, it is till possible to use this tool to create a password reset disk.

LabWin is an full featured password reset software that can be easily used to reset Windows 10 password for both administrator and normla users. It not just works on Windows 10 but also for other Windows OS. This award-winning tool is tested on more than 50 computer brands for a hassle-free password reset process fullfilled in 3 simple steps. We will share the details in below section to help you reset Windows 10 administrator password.

Step 1: If you are locked out of Windows 10 computer, get a spare computer on which you have admin access to download LabWin software. After the download is completed, install and run the tool as administrator from desktop shortcut.


Step 2: Take a blank USB or CD/DVD and insert it to the spare computer. In the PassMoz LabWin user interface, select drive name from the drop-down menu under the suitable section; then hit 'Burn USB' or 'Burn CD/DVD' accordingly to the media type you plugged in. Wait for3 minutes around and remove the drive after burning.

Windows 10 Password Reset

Step 3: Turn on the locked Windows 10 computer, insert password reset disk. Press the special key (Enter/Esc/Delete) to open the quick boot menu. On vintage computers, just change the first boot device to USB or DVD in BIOS settings.

Boot from USB

Step 4: After changing the settings wait for PassMoz LabWin to launch. Now on the dashboard select a Windows OS from the right partition. Then select the user account that is locked and finally hit the 'Reset password' button. It takes merely a few seconds to reset Windows 10 administrator password. Finally, eject the drive and reboot to login as Windows 10 administrator automatically.

Reset Windows Password

PassMoz LabWin can be used to reset Windows 10 administrator password even after you are locked out of computer in 3 quick steps and the best part, without losing any data.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #3: Command Prompt

Resetting a password won't be an issue if you have a Windows 10 installation DVD. This method can be considered as a good alternative for resetting Windows 10 administrator password if you had not created a password reset disk but have the installation disk handy. You can also easily make a Windows 10 install media after downloading Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft website. Follow the steps to try and test the method yourself.

Step 1: Insert Windows 10 installation DVD into the locked PC then force the computer to open the BIOS menu. Change the settings to boot from CD/DVD drive and save the change to allow the computer to boot from DVD.

Step 2: On the Windows screen, press Shift and F10 together to open Command Prompt utility. On the black window of Command Prompt, enter the following commands followed by hitting the Enter key after each command.

move c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
wpeutil reboot

Step 3: Remove the CD/DVD from Windows 10 before it reboots.

Step 4: Select the Ease of Access icon on the Windows 10 login screen to open the utilman.exe window. Now type the command 'net user (username) (new password)' and press Enter to set a new password for that administrator account.

Ease of Access Windows 10

Step 5: Close the window and login Windows 10 administrator account with new password.

Command Prompt can be regarded as an easy method to reset Windows 10 administrator password but only if you have Windows 10 installation DVD with you at that time. Also read the command very carefully to void crashing the device by entering the wrong command.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #4: Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD aka UBCD is a rescue toolkit for emergent usage when the computer is not accessible or has fatal issue. You have to burn the ISO file to USB or CD so that the utilities and software contained in that package will be ready for use. From the tools it supports, there are several Windows password resetting tools included. And that's why can be used to reset Windows 10 administrator password whe being locked out. Requiring a bit of researching, this method is also capble of fixing any booting problems due to system or hardware failure.

Step 1: Because you are locked out of Windows 10 computer, you will need another PC to download UBCD. Then Using a utility tool like Rufus or UUByte ISO Editor, to burn the UBCD iso file to a blank CD/DVD or USB.

Step 2: Insert the USB or CD into your locked computer and force it to boot from the drive you have inserted by changing the BIOS settings. Boot from the desired drive to launch the UBCD interface. Select 'Parted Magic' from the options and hit Enter. In the next screen, select the Default settings before pressing Enter again to go to the Parted magic desktop.

Step 3: On the desktop, click on the bottom left corner and navigate to the system tools to find and open 'Change Windows password'. On the pop-up select the partition with Windows OS, then hit 'Next' to open the chntpw utility.


Step 4: In the window type 1 and hit Enter to see the list of accounts on your system. Then type the username of the account that is locked and hit Enter again. Type 1 and press Enter to clear the password for the said account then type y and hit Enter to confirm the actions.

Step 5: Close the window and remove the disk. Then reboot Windows 10 and you can sign-in Windows 10 administrator account without password.

Though Ultimate Boot CD is not a pure password resetting tool, it is still a workable solution to reset Windows 10 administrator password when you forgot local administrator password of Windows 10. One more thing to keep in mind is that this method is quite complicated and may get confused during password reset process.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password #5: Ophcrack

Ophcrack is another free password recovery tool that claims to retrieve forgotten or lost poassword instead of resetting the password from administrator account. Recovery means it can find out the original password and resettting is only blanking the password. Ophcrack password cracking engine is based on rainbow tables an it comes with a minimal GUI. Currently, it is compatible for various Windows versions. You can follow the steps in below to crack Windows 10 password. This might be a long time process for strong password. Please be noted!

Step 1: On another computer that you can access, download Ophcrack Live CD ISO.

Step 2: Download another ISO burning software to burn the iso file of Ophcrack to a blank CD. You can also use USB for this purpose.

Step3: Insert the USB or CD to your locked Windows 10 computer and boot the device from target disk by changing BIOS boot settings. Press Enter to run the tool with default settings.

Step 4: Ophcrack starts to cracking Windows 10 password with built-in tables once it gets into desktop. After that, all you have to do is wait for Ophcrack to recover Windows 10 password. Upon success, close the window and reboot the system to log in with the recovered password.


Though Ophcrack is simple to use, it may take days or weeks to retrieve lost or forgotten Windows 10 administrator password. You should replace the tool if it could not find the password in 24 hours. For other password reset tool, it only needs a few minutes to fully reset Windows 10 administrator password.

The Bottom Line

We have tested all the methods listed above on different Windows PCs and laptops. And we can confirm all of them are still working in 2020. However, not all of them can be a good choice in case of an emergency. PassMoz LabWin, in particular, can become your favorite tool to reset Windows 10 administrator password once you try it because of the ease and speed it offers along with the assurance of no data loss.

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