How to Reset Windows 10 Password Using CMD (Command Prompt)

It can be frustrating when you forget Windows 10 password as you can not access the folders and files on that computer. You end up tying all the passwords that you could remember but the result is you still get in to the locked computer. Thankfully all the Windows operating systems including Windows 10 come with Command Prompt utility, which is a very powerful tool and allows the users perform high-level tasks such as resetting Windows 10 password by typing a set of desired commands.


The fact is that many of us don't know or use CMD (Command Prompt) as we fear that if we typed a wrong command then it might ruin our computer. Actually, with a little bit of training you will surely love this tool as it is packed with some really powerful features and can come handy in the moment of crisis. Below mentioned are a few methods through which you can easily reset Windows 10 admin password with the help of command prompt.

Reset Windows 10 Password Using CMD (Command Prompt) When Computer is Accessible

Though the case is rate, it is still worth mentioning the steps to reset Windows 10 password when you can still access Windows 10 computer using an admin account. The password can be reset by a single command prompt under this situation.

Step 1: Press Windows key and "X" simultaneously on your keyboard to open the quick access menu. After it pops up, select command prompt (Admin) from the menu.

Step 2: Select "Yes" when prompted "run command prompt as an administrator on Windows 10". Now type in the following command:
net user account_name new_pwd

Step 3: The above command "net user" will remove old password for that account and set a a new password for it. account_name is the user who forgot the password. new_pwd is the new password for that user. Simply replace the two items with corresponding content.

Net User Password Reset

If you was comfortable Command Prompt, it is one of the most powerful weapon you could have for performing advanced tasks on Windows 10. It is super easy to reset Windows 10 password using Command Prompt, right?

Reset Windows 10 Password Using CMD (Command Prompt) When Computer Is Locked

If you forgot Windows 10 password, then you can still use Command Prompt to reset Windows 10 password. However, the steps are totally different and become much more complicated than above methods. Before using this method you need to have Windows 10 installation disk at hand or you can reate such one with the help of Media Creation Tool. Follow the steps below to reset Windows 10 password using command prompt.

Step 1: Insert Windows 10 installation disk on locked computer. Power on Windows 10 computer and lanuch boot menu during startup, pick up the USB name from the list. This way, the Windows 10 computer will boot from installation disk.

Step 2: After the computer boots up press the Shift+F10 key on your keyboard simultaneously to bring up the command prompt window. Over here we are assuming that your system drive is the d drive. Now type in the command:

move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Command Prompt Windows 10 Password Reset

Step 3: This will replace the utility manager with the command prompt. Now eject the installation disk and restart your system after the command is executed. You need to type the following command to restart your computer "wpeutil reboot".

Step 4: After your system reboots you will see the sign-in screen. Now go to the bottom right and click on the Utility Manager icon. This will bring back the command prompt window.

Step 5: You can now select a new password by typing in the "net user" command we have shown in first section. You can also add a new admin account with the help of "net user add " command.

Step 6: Now you have to restore the utility manager. You can do this by closing the command prompt window and reinserting your Windows 10 installation disk. After that click on the power icon to restart your system and then press the Shift+F10 keys on your keyboard to bring up the command prompt once more. Now type in:

copy d:\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

That's how you can reset Windows 10 password using command prompt even the password was lost. Simply restart Windows 10 and select the admin account whose password you have reset and type in the new password to access Windows 10 operating system.

Alternative Method to Command Prompt

You can follow the above-mentioned steps to reset Windows 10 password using command prompt. Some of us hesitate to use command prompt as I mentioned previously as many of us fear that using a wrong command could make damage to the computer, which is hard to fix. Luckily, there is an alternative solution for this problem and is much easier and very user-friendly. The forgotten or lost password can be reset with just a few mouse clicks . This entire procedure is command free. The name of this software is called PassMoz LabWin and it can deliver you results in three easy steps.


All you need to do is download this Windows 10 password reset software and install it on a working computer and get hold of a blank CD/DVD or a fresh USB stick to create a password reset disk. After the disk is created (which takes a few minutes) you have to insert it on Windows 10 computer and boot from it. You will see PassMoz LabWin window on desktop once booting from the disk and then all you have to do is select the user whose password you want to reset and click on the "Reset Password" tab. That's it. Your Windows 10 password will be reset in a matter of seconds.

Reset Windows Password

The Bottom Line

Resetting Windows 10 password using Command Prompt is totally free and the step is not complex at all when you still had the correct password to unlock Windows 10. However, it becomes a challenging task when the computer is locked and you still wish using command prompt. At the end, we also suggest an user-friendly solution to help you bypass Windows 10 password. All of them are 100% working and it is your own choice to pick up the best accordingly.

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