How to Reset Windows 10 Password with Ubuntu Live CD or USB

To secure Windows 10 computers, we put in so much creativity and effort into setting up a new password. In the process, we overlook the fact that it might get difficult for us too along with the hackers to crack Windows 10 password. It is only when you are stuck out of your computer that you truly realize the importance of a password.


There are a couple of tricks and tools to help you reset Windows 10 password. But in this post, we will put more focus on Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution on earth. And it is one of the best free ways to reset Windows 10 password with Ubuntu Live CD. This trick works pretty well most of time. Even if it failed, we still have other suggestions to reset Windows 10 password in easy steps.

Tutorial: Reset Windows 10 Password with Ubuntu Linux Live CD or USB

Ubuntu Live CD is a bootable ISO image that contains the free Ubuntu OS. You can burn it to an USB or CD and use it as a rescue disk for high level tasks. There is a third-party package called chntpw in Ubuntu software repository and it can be used to reset Windows 10 password on a locked PC. It is totally free and safe! We will share all the steps on how to use this tool to reset Windows 10 password with Ubuntu Live CD.

Step 1: For this, you need to take another computer as yours is locked. Open a web browser to download Ubuntu Live CD file. After the ISO is downloaded, do not run or install it on the computer. Insert a blank USB or CD to the computer instead and burn the device with the ISO file using a tool like Rufus.

Step 2: Insert Ubuntu Live CD disk into the locked computer and boot the computer from it by changing boot priority in BIOS settings. On the Ubuntu interface, hit 'Try Ubuntu', which runs a live version on the computer for temporary usage.

Try Ubuntu

Step 3: In Ubuntu System Settings, navigate to software and updates. Click on the Ubuntu tab and check the box next to the 'Community maintained free source software' option. Reload repository if asked then open the terminal.

Step 4: Enter the following command to install chntpw package: sudo apt-get install chntpw

Step 5: Browse Windows -> System32 -> Config folder. Open the terminal from right-click options in the blank space. Now Enter this command to locate the SAM file, which stores user accounts and password:

chntpw -u user SAM

Step 6: Now enter '1', then 'q' and 'y' in the respective sequence. Do not forget to hit enter after each command. You will see a message, saying the password is cleared. Now, eject the disk and reboot Windows 10 computer. This time, the login screen disappears and the computer goes into desktop automatically.

Reset Windows 10 Password Ubuntu

Although this is an effective method to reset Windows 10 password, it is not simple at all! The interface is command based and may look complicated for those non-techy people. Thankfully, this is not the only way to reset Windows 10 administrator password. In the following sections, we will let you know two different ways to reset Windows 10 password without Ubuntu Live CD.

Reset Windows 10 Password with Ubuntu Live CD Not Working? Try LabWin

Resetting Windows 10 password with Ubuntu is favored by system administrator and hackers. It is definitely not a welcomed chocie for normal users. Hence, we will suggest a much more user friendly solution in this part. LabWin is an award-winning Windows password reset software that comes with a simple user-interface and has a powerful engine to reset Windows 10 password. You will get the Windows 10 computer unlocked in 3 simple steps and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Here goes the details.


Step 1: Take another computer that is not locked, download PassMoz LabWin software and run it. Insert a blank CD or USB to the system. On the interface of the software, select the disk you have inserted and hit the 'Burn' button accordingly to prepare for a Windows password reset disk.

Windows 10 Password Reset

Step 2: Insert the bootable CD/USB into the locked computer and boot the system of it. You might need to change the BIOS settings from the Boot menu.

Boot from USB

Step 3: When the program interface is loaded on the screen, please select a Windows Partition from the drop-down menu. Now select the locked user account and hit 'Reset Password' to blank the password from target account. Finally, remove the disk and reboot the computer. You will get into the computer without entering a password.

Reset Windows Password

This is a Windows 10 password reset solution that is extremely user-friendly and is the definition of no-complication. Unlike other methods, this one doesn't require downloading another utility to create the bootable CD or USB. And of course, the speed is also impressive.

Reset Windows 10 Password with Ubuntu Live CD Not Working? Try NT Password

NT Passowrd is a short name of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, a popular free Windows utility for Windows password reset. It is another method you could try to reset Windows 10 password. The workaround is similar to Ubuntu Live CD but it is less complicated. It is a good to go when it failed to reset Windows 10 password with Ubuntu Live CD.

Step 1: Download NT Password on a computer you can access and burn it on a blank CD or USB. You will need a tool like ISO2Disk for the same.

Step 2: Insert the drive into the locked Windows 10 system and boot off it by changing the BIOS settings from the boot menu accordingly. Wait for the command-based interface of NT password to launch, then hit enter to continue with the default selection.

Step 3: Click on the Windows partition and start tapping on the Enter key till you reach the User Data. You will need to type in the name of the account, that is locked. Leave the password and press Enter. Continue with the default selection & remove the password of the account.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Step 4: Now Enter- !, q, y followed by a hit on the Enter key after each. Hit the Enter key for the last time to save.

Step 5: Finally, remove the disk and reboot to log in without a password.

The command-based interface may look intimidating to many and leaves the risk of messing up the computer with wrong command. So it is not recommened when you are not a computer geek.


Out of the three methods, PassMoz LabWin would be the best choice for resetting Windows 10 password because of the ease and efficiency the tool works with. The tool, unlike the other two methods, leaves no space for creating a fault promising assured results in a lot less time. However, if you prefer a free solution, then it is the best option to reset Windows 10 password with Ubuntu Live CD.

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