Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

You can find all kinds of tips and tricks related to Windows 7 on this section, including password recovery, troubleshooting and system repair.

How to Reset Windows 7 Password? The Best Solution You Can Find

Windows 7 is still an activate OS even in 2020. As a Windows 7 user, you might forget login password sometimes so it is important to fully understand how to reset Windows 7 password when locked out.

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4 Easy Tips to Bypass Windows 7 Password

Here comes four useful tips to show you how to bypass Windows 7 password. It works all the times no matter you remember or forget Windows 7 password.

Read More >> Posted by Wilson | Mar 11, 2020

A Full Tutorial to Crack Windows 7 Password

Microsoft has patched a few security bugs in Windows 7 and this makes much harder to crack Windows 7 password now. Do you know which is the best way to crack Windows 7 password?

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Best Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool Reviewed in 2020

Recovering Windows 7 password is not a simple task as you might think. The password recovery process is much hard if you picked up the wrong tool.

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How to Remove Password on Windows 7

When you are locked out of a Windows 7 computer, one of the most recommended actions is to remove password on Windows 7. You can get into the computer freely after password removal.

Read More >> Posted by Wilson |Apr 7, 2020

Forgot Windows 7 Administrator Password? 3 Ways to Reset Admin Password

Administrator has more permissions and privileges than normal users. So the password reset method is different. We recommended three most effective solutions to help you reset Windows 7 administrator password.

Read More >> Posted by Wilson |Apr 25, 2020

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